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Microsoft Office 365 is such a huge beast it is impossible for a single site to be able to provide links to all the official resources that are available online. Microsoft itself breaks up its Office 365 resources logically into many separate sites; documentation, support, tech communities, etc.

I have never found a single site dedicated to Office 365 resources that has provided the main links for documentation, support and the tech communities for each of the Office 365 apps or services.

It is for this reason I created this site and I hope it helps you and your organisation get the most out of Office 365.

Just scroll down the list of categories on the right hand side to select the Office 365 app or service that you need the resources for.

If I have missed an Office 365 app or service that you would like added, please leave a comment.
If you have some resources you think I could use, please leave a comment, but bear in mind that this site concentrates on official Microsoft resources and only has a few links to non official content.

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Resources Master List

Roadmap -
Microsoft Office 365 Roadmap - Link
Office 365 Roadmap Watch - Link

Periodic Table of Office 365 by Matt Wade
Periodic Table - Link
Home Page - Link


Main site - Link

Azure - Link
Azure Active Directory - Link
Azure Bot - Link
Dynamics 365 - Link
Enterprise Mobility + Security - Link
Exchange - Link
Fast Track - Link
Flow - Link
Health Bot - Link
Health Vault - Link
Intune - Link
Microsoft 365 Business - Link
Microsoft 365 Education - Link
Microsoft 365 Enterprise - Link
NuGet - Link
Office (including Office 365 services) - Link
- Admins and IT Professionals - Link
- Developers - Link
- End Users - Link
OneDrive - Link
PowerApps - Link
PowerBI - Link
PowerShell - Link
Project - Link
Security Updates - Link
SharePoint - Link
Skype for Business - Link
SQL - Link
Staffhub PowerShell - Link
Stream - Link
System Center - Link
System Center Configuration Manager - Link
Teams - Link
Virtualization - Link
Windows - Link
Workplace Analytics - Link


Microsoft Tech Community -
Main Site - Link
All Tech Communities - Link

Azure - Link
Azure Active Directory - Link
Deploying Cloud - Link
Driving Adoption - Link
Education Sector - Link
Enterprise Mobility + Security - Link
Exchange - Link
Fast Track - Link
Forms - Link
Graph Security API - Link
IT Resources and Training - Link
Microsoft 365 - Link
Office 365 - Link
Office 365 Groups - Link
Office 365 Networking - Link - (Firewall Rules)
OneDrive for Business - Link
OneNote - Link
Outlook - Link
PowerShell - Link
Planner - Link
Project - Link
Security, Privacy and Compliance - Link
SharePoint - Link
Skype for Business - Link
Staff Hub - Link
Stream - Link
System Center - Link
Teams - Link
ToDo - Link
Windows 10 - Link
Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection - Link
Windows Server - Link


Official Blogs
Main Site - Link

Azure - Link
Azure AD - Link
Cortana Intelligence and Machine Learning - Link
Dynamics 365 - Link
Enterprise Mobility + Security - Link
Fast Track - Link
Exchange - Link
Internet of Things - Link
Microsoft + Open Source - Link
Microsoft 365 - Link
Microsoft OneDrive Blog - Link - (TechCommunity)
Microsoft OneDrive Blog - Link - (Microsoft.com)
Office - Link
Office 365 - Link
Power BI - Link
Quantum - Link
Secure - Link
SharePoint - Link
Skype for Business - Link
SQL Server - Link
Staffhub - Link - (not official)


Main site - Link

Access - Link
Delve - Link
Excel - Link
Forms - Link
One Drive for Business - Link
OneNote - Link
Outlook - Link
Planner - Link
PowerPoint - Link
Project - Link
Publisher - Link
SharePoint - Link
Skype for Business - Link
Staffhub - Link
Sway - Link
Teams - Link
Visio - Link
Word - Link
Yammer - Link


What's New -
Azure Active Directory - Link
Microsoft Intune - Link
Microsoft Intune for Education - Link
Microsoft Teams - Link


Main site - Link

OneDrive for Business - Link
OneNote - Link
Outlook - Link
Project - Link
SharePoint - Link
Skype for Business - Link
Staff Hub - Link

Azure Migrate

Azure Migrate - Link

Microsoft Tech Community -
Azure Migrate - Link

Azure Migrate - Link

Azure Migration Center - Link

Modern Workplace

Official Blog - Link

Product - Link

Overview and Benefits -
Making IT simpler with a modern workplace - Link
Helping customers shift to a modern desktop - Link

Unofficial - 
Slidedeck from Ravikumar Sathyamurthy - MVP - Link
Microsoft 365 for Modern Workplace and Management - Link


Official Resources for Modern Workplace - Link

This is a dynamic list of websites where you could find multiple resources for your ongoing learning in the area of Modern Workplace:
Microsoft Partner Network
Demos, Trials, Business Value Tools:
Product Information:

Azure Active Directory - Deployment Plans

Main Page - Link

Looking for end-to-end guidance about how to deploy some of Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) capabilities? The following deployment plans walk through the business value, planning considerations, design, and operational procedures needed to successfully roll a few of the more common Azure AD capabilities.

Within the documents you will find e-mail templates, system architecture diagrams, common test cases, and more.

Single sign-on - Link
Single sign-on helps you access all the apps and resources you need to do business, while signing in only once, using a single user account. After you've signed in, you can go from Microsoft Office to SalesForce, to Box without being required to authenticate (for example, type a password) a second time.

User provisioning - Link
Azure AD helps you automate the creation, maintenance, and removal of user identities in cloud (SaaS) applications, such as Dropbox, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and more.

Multi-Factor Authentication - Link
Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is Microsoft's two-step verification solution. Using admin-approved authentication methods, Azure MFA helps safeguard your access to data and applications, while meeting the demand for a simple sign-in process.

Conditional access - Link
With conditional access, you can implement automated access control decisions for who can access your cloud apps, based on conditions.

ADFS to Pass Through Authentication - Link
Azure AD Pass-through Authentication helps your users sign in to both on-premises and cloud-based applications, using the same passwords. This feature provides your users a better experience - one less password to remember, and reduces IT helpdesk costs because your users are less likely to forget how to sign in. When people sign in using Azure AD, this feature validates users' passwords directly against your on-premises Active Directory.

ADFS to Password Hash Sync - Link
With Password Hash Synchronization, hashes of user passwords are synchronized from on-premises Active Directory to Azure AD, letting Azure AD to authenticate users with no interaction with the on-premises Active Directory

Seamless SSO - Link
Azure Active Directory Seamless Single Sign-On (Azure AD Seamless SSO) automatically signs users in when they are on their corporate devices connected to your corporate network. After you turn on this feature, users won't need to type in their passwords to sign in to Azure AD, and usually, won't even need to type in their usernames. This feature provides your users easy access to your cloud-based applications without needing any additional on-premises components.

Self-service password reset - Link
Self-service password reset helps your users reset their password, without administrator intervention, when and where they need to.

Azure AD Application Proxy - Link
Employees today want to be productive at any place, at any time, and from any device. They want to work on their own devices, whether they are tablets, phones, or laptops. And employees expect to be able to access all their applications, both SaaS apps in the cloud and corporate apps on-premises. Providing access to on-premises applications has traditionally involved virtual private networks (VPNs) or demilitarized zones (DMZs). Not only are these solutions complex and hard to make secure, but they are costly to set up and manage. There is a better way! - Azure AD Application Proxy